Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Images from "Work through play day" - Experiments March 2nd, 2011

Images from your experimenting day (i.e. artistic play day) - why do i give one of these?  because when i was an art student i was WAY  TOO SERIOUS and didn't try enough things art wise with concepts, materials and talking with others.  It's one of those projects you're only going to really understand hummm....  say 10 - 15 years from now - so consider it an investment project of mine.  and the first time I've ever done this with adults...  it's worked with kids forever...  so why should we let them have all the fun?

I was really nervous about trying this out - but i felt like it worked out in the end.
trust me - more art classes need days to do this.  art making isn't always about the big win..... despite what Charlie Sheen says.