Thursday, February 17, 2011

The "Artists Solving Problems" Assignment

Rather than my list here are my thoughts.

I always have been and always will be interested in human rights. Issues of torture and detainment as well as violence against women will always be important to me.

I've also been interested in some problems I see in people– for example, boredom. There is no reason why anyone should ever be bored. People just don't see the beauty in the world around them. I think this is a huge problem in American culture, and maybe other cultures as well.

After talking to Abbi we talked about the more personal sides of my list of problems. Specifically, seeking liberation. This is a very personal thing that I'm normally not comfortable talking about. Long story short, I still live in my hometown with my parents. Enough said?

So those are the big umbrella themes that I'm working under/thinking about so far. Anything else we're supposed to post on here...?

+Alex Fritz

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  1. Nope that's perfect.

    human right's is a big topic, but one that affects all of us at different times. Weather it's about race to personal space - determining what is and isn't acceptable in your own world is the ground rules for everything else.

    Looking at different cultures helps, but often, when thinking about how we treat each other, it comes down to the bottom line of how one wants to be treated as well.

    keep going with this. If you are tackling the personal element of this - don't feel like you have to put it all out - just the elements you feel comfortable with sharing, or illustrating. Images are often more liberating, and yet more coded than words. Colors...
    I'm obsessed with Rothko right now

    look at his story. It was all about setting up his rules and how he wanted to live his life, and his anguish about the human condition was expressed in color.

    check it out.